Monday, September 25, 2017

My Adsense Earnings in 2017

Finally able to post own Adsense earnings :) So far, I've generated $2,136.60 in 2017 with a record day on August 10, 2017 earning $36.14 through Adsense that day!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Half Million Dollars with Adsense

This guy earned literaly half million dollars, almost $600,000 dollars with Adsense during 7 years! It's a result of years and years of hardwork. He gets traffic through search engines and PPC. He's averaging $100-$150 a day with about 6,000 uniques per month. That mark was about $1500 daily with Adsense few years ago. The key of success is patience, very quality content, writing, writing, and more writing. Another thing written in his post on forum is choosing variety of niches, so the only few of them could generate awesome Adsense income, while the others will be below average.
Other report show new Adsense interface. You can now track the graph of earinings compared to number of clicks, pageviews, CPC (cost per click), RPM (former eCPM). Additional features like earnings per week or month allows to compare your revenue much easier. You can track income by ad sizes, types, bid types or via countries or products (e.g. Adsense for Domains vs flash ads targeting type). The main page of new Adsense interface shows todays earnings, yesterday, this month, last month earnings... It has much more functionallities! However, some people still use old version (like myself :). Blue color dominates on this interface that's still in beta version.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Average Adsense Statistics

average adsense channel statsSome individuals are convincing beginners that Google Adsense is dead. Reason for saying that is fear of competition. It is truth that Adsense is not at it used to be but that fact has new benefits. Internet market is growing and each year more and more is invested in net advertising. Every day number of users and time spent on Internet is uprising. Marketing is an industry of 21 century. Cake is big enough for all of us and average Adsense statistics (year 2005) aren't declining. Average Adsense channel stats show the difference: number of clicks has decreased but cost of click is going up!average adsense statistics

Monday, February 8, 2010

Adsense Balance Report

adsense balance report
Position images next to the Adsense units to double revenue on reports. Pictures attract attention and redirect it to nearby ads. One of the options is to put leaderboard on the bottom and images above it. Adsense balance report can be multiplied by implanting this tip. Always experiment and easily increase your Adsense payments amount gained.
adsense payments amount gained